Dual Sport biking

My first bike was a Kawasaki KLE, seen on the left.

After I got used to using 2 wheels instead of 4, I wanted something bigger. Kawasaki KLR650, seen here going up Matroosberg.

Matroosberg showed a few shortcomings, so I ended up modifying the bike a little to this.

After riding a lot of back roads, and crapping myself every time I see a patch of sand, I decided to just get into the sand and teach myself how to ride in the stuff.

2x Videos after I could actually ride a little. In the second video, My Brother in law was wearing the cam on his HP2:

Sand fails 1

Sand fails 2

Then I heard about the Amageza rally www.amageza.com

This seemed like the ultimate challenge.

Here are my 2 videos of the qualifier. The first one showing the hardships and the fails, and the second one showing that I actually did some riding as well!

Sand Fails Amageza

Amageza. I can ride!